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the news that dominated the week a once in a century meteo hits earth exploding with the force of more than twenty year rush from a bomb in the skies over central russia leaving more than a thousand two hundred people injured. fresh violent clashes overshadow attempts at talks in bahrain as police fired tear gas at hundreds of stone throwing activists following the two year anniversary of the start of anti-government demonstrations. a red rag to the place although the global community north korea's sparks outrage by carrying out a third nuclear test do you and ben and international sanctions. a u.s. back to mess in the arab spring countries and nato has a to do list in afghanistan r.t. takes a look at the global issues president obama wasn't keen to talk about during his much anticipated state of the union address. and
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news of the pope is to be the first head of the catholic church to step down and six centuries calls shot across the world the pontiff has said his help the no longer bridge of him to fulfill his chief. lives and nine am here in the russian capital moscow you live with us on our do you wish me to bum would say it's good to have you company this morning it was the media that became a huge media star and the one is event of the dominated the headlines this week. searching and flashing across the skies of central russia it's one of the only times a major of such size has been captured coming to earth residents shot footage from
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every single possible shot as it fell in the urals the guests from a space also stole the spotlight from an even bigger asteroid that made a record close approach to the earth on friday which is you got a piece going of has been tracking this shooting star. it was like a scene from a movie but with one exception it was real first the brilliant flash was big bright like he was shining across the sky you know blinding brighter than the sun the skies were lit up by a meteor streaking across the skies above the russian city of over one and there have thousand kilometers east of moscow where not just any usual glare on the floor i thought it all lies from a cockpit then we ran to the window saw this strange cloud and then and then this.
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would turn around and the wall was a gun like someone had moved it the series of massive explosions rocked the entire city damaging buildings and shattering windows. nasa said the explosive force of the media were breaking up was the equivalent of two one to hear oshima bombs over twelve hundred people were injured including over two hundred children mostly from pieces of shattered glass. the windows just exploded i saw one girl he did her head and the bring his hand were told to quickly put all clothes on and then ran outside and many were able to film the owner of the phenomenon later flooding the web with footage as rumors spread of what it might have been a stricken airplane a satellite that fell out of orbit even the beginning of the and of the world would mrs reported seeing fragments of the crashing all across the region. i saw
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a small can there was a weird smell it was not a fire so i think it's a piece of meat or right and it's smoldering there now however most of the sightings turn out to be ordinary people bug farmers because so far officials have not found any fragments of the meteor for now the immediate priority is to look after the injured and repair the damage to buildings especially the broken windows in schools and residential areas as sam perjures at marriott's drop below minus fifteen celsius and is another reminder that no matter how advanced technology gets nowadays when it comes to nature often we can only watch helplessly and hope for the best you've got this going off towards the. central russia. the areas that witness a once in a lifetime event as it has become the biggest me today hit of the planet in a century basically there you can watch how it approached our planet the ten thousand ton fireball and to the atmosphere at the speed of twenty kilometers per
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second before igniting and finally breaking apart not such objects entering the atmosphere a relatively common but usually they don't make it to the surface is said burning up in the atmosphere it was of course a visible from at least four russian regions but it's made appearance was right here in. the busy region where it was on the map you can see the areas that suffered the most from this a fiercely five hundred two atomic explosion equivalent to war than twenty nuclear bombs that's how big it was so today here with me is our he's a pulse god who's going to shed some much more needed light and what's been going on around the world in terms of who's saying what. paul this has been a media frenzy this i mean the story when it when it went viral it went crazy went worldwide what do you make of it it's the story that had everything is there and it's because of these pick. these dramatic pictures that we can see here the has
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everything it's got the dramatic lights in the sky and it went worldwide it went global almost instantly it's the nature of modern news in the twenty first century you can see here some of the headlines from all over the globe because as t.v. journalists we love good dramatic we love drama we love good pictures and we love stories with human interest and something that's out of the ordinary this happens once every one hundred years we've got the pictures there's human interest angles to it has absolutely everything that's why from germany to the u.s. to south africa it was a truly global story as i say you can see some of the the headlines that made the world the new york times on the screen now you know what's interesting is that it not only was the dramatic headlines they captured us as an audience but it was also how everybody used the smartphones and a social media to actually make fun of what was going on a sense of fun there's a sense of fun i think we're going to see some of the pictures here and you can talk through some of the so i mean there we go not every reason or as we have
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a bruce willis there that whole ever get in you know that film that he did i don't even want to say what that is but you know they've killed everybody i mean everybody just taking just like kick out of everything and making this even older. to be taking a hit to add to the i have no idea what really say about that we can say is it true that he's a man of the outdoors very much so it look at these images these pictures that people have talked to date have gone viral instantly that's the nature of say twenty first century news and twitter was the way for eyewitnesses people who were there on the scene who were witnessing those bright lights in the sky who were having their windows smashed who were seeing you know their house is literally rocked and they went to twitter as you can see here and again showing a slight sense of humor and a lot of it in the place in adversity in the face of travel minus seventeen in chile and others went on a slight meteor shower so there was a there was a sense of camaraderie and spirit in amongst the. the four regions that you've
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mentioned here as a people taking to twitter and that particular story and of course you're right some of yes even aged yes it did i just think it was such a sweet gesture to say you know valentine's day we're not going to let anything you know spoil it for us and you know what i'm just going to buy my you know my my love promised a promise my love a start and stop literally literally do you think that people would have taken the advantage to go out to the site and actually pick up some of the pieces that were thrown out by the meter right and sell them well we would come on to that in a moment but in a very very shortly but the media itself talking about social networking staying with that for the second it has its own twitter page as you can see here. you were talking about you know people selling p.s.y. in pieces the meter has its own twitter page as well so it's a truly all encompassing story you know there you go so every story literally become a star on its own and. putting the you know to one side to say it's
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really good that the people of chile have been square able to you know see the the bright side of this if you use the phrase despite twelve hundred people injured it could have been a lot worse i mean we can see the the image is that. it was the it was the shock wave that caused the damage it wasn't the meteorite itself not explain the difference between meteors and meteorites the meteor or is what enters the earth's atmosphere you can see some of the problems in the damage it caused but when it breaks up in the atmosphere if anything collides with earth that's a meteorite that's the longer meteorites the meteorite they haven't found any meteorites yet but this damage the damage to the windows in the foundations of the buildings being rocked that was caused by by the shockwave and it could have been a lot worse because it is a region that's known for its nuclear facilities there are dozens of nuclear facilities one in particular the my economic waste stew. region treatment center
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which has had a catastrophe a couple of catastrophes in the past one hundred fifty seven there was one in particular an explosion and the fallout is still being felt from that so there was a real fear among residents instead of the obvious that this could have lead to something but thankfully we have my bespoke. from what also tom saying that. the levels of radiation at a normal level this and this is not i think sort of situation and i know we've only we've spoke we've spoken to different experts about what they've made of the situation obviously scientists are very excited about this and not a large maxwell across from the school of earth and space exploration says this was an event of huge scientific interest maybe there is an asteroids are common many of them come from the outer part of our solar system perturbations from the planet jupiter and other planets there's a huge. store of of comets asteroids out outside the orbits of
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jupiter and outside in fact the outer solar system some of them periodically get disturbed by the gravity of the inner planets and get sent inwards some of them are big balls of ice and become comets others are big balls of rock and the impact on mars and the earth and the moon and what's fascinating is actually you could if you can collect some of this material some of it is primordial if we actually detect it and we can we can get it right after it falls we can actually measure material that hasn't been processed since the solar system formed four and have billion years ago so for scientists it's a fascinating event and i'm happy that people weren't killed but if but if some of that material can be recovered it will be incredibly interesting and important for scientists. a fascinating event indeed but i mean was this the first time that something to this magnitude is ever happened. for scientists is as we heard there but not the first time the last time that a meteorite of the scale collided with planet earth also coincidentally had to be
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in russia happened to be in russia in nineteen zero eight in an area called true goose the interesting difference is that we had our guest there saying that we need to get hold of these meter what we need to try and find it so we can do some research on it it took a decade for research is to visit this area after our ninety nine wait ten years later and the research was it wasn't found maybe it was the world war one of the civil war the russian revolution but whatever research was was discovered was was lost along the way so the importance of friday's meteorite can't be underestimated that's incredible all right well we'll leave it right there i'm sure a lot of people still be talking about this meteorite for it i know you can so we have the absolutely postcard right here in the studio with me.
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in bahrain there have been fresh clashes as police used tear gas against hundreds of protesters armed with stones and client bombs this comes out following the funeral of a teenager who was allegedly shot by authorities only this week during a rally marking. an anti-government under-estimate country the violence has marred the week old talks between the mostly. opposition and the sunni dominated government shiites are demanding an end to the rulings on family total political domination but the london based activist dominic cover camp says that there are few signs the country's leaders generally one reforms. we're looking at two years in which we've seen no reform we've seen nothing change i mean we started this uprising two years ago and on that day the first martyr of the uprising was killed and now two years later on the same day before to february another teenager has been killed and this me and shows and displays the lack of reform the continuous
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human rights abuses the continuous repression taking place on the streets of bahrain it's good the dialogue has come back on the agenda and there is discussions happening but it seems that you know this latest latest escalation of the security against the people is going to possibly predominate in jeopardy within the ruling family i think of course there are those who simply want to please the international community to say look we're having this dialogue and there is not a great thing was continuing with the violations on the streets the people have come out on the streets time and time again saying that they they won't go home they simply will not go home until there's reform and i think the fact that they've stayed out for two years clearly proves that so the only solution is through dialogue and i think the regime has to realize that. it's been exactly two years or since libya was plunged into revolutionary chaos all those who brought the change hailing the rise to power many libyans deprived of their homes and security claim
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there's no reason for jubilation. in the most important speech in the american political columns of president obama to both lawmakers and the lecture on site in the first state of the union address since his reelection obama talked about the fate of arab spring countries and expanded plans to bring home troops from afghanistan it is ghana chichi can has been listening to what the president have to say. in his state of the union speech president obama outlined some of the external threats that the country spacing first of all her spreading to different parts of the world for what he said although the u.s. is pulling troops out of afghanistan america's war on terror will continue to look at this true different kind of affiliates and extremist groups have emerged from the. world to africa the threat these groups pose is evolving. but to meet this threat we don't need to send tens of thousands of our sons and daughters abroad occupy other nations we will continue to take direct action
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against those terrorists who pose the greatest threat to americans although there was no mentioning of the word drone everyone knew that's what the president meant when he was saying direct action was no us troops involved what he did not talk about was the limits for this war that gave ministration his waging with a remote control the justification that the administration gave in john brennan's words. don't punish people for past guilt strike before they take action that offers a very broad scope for the use of drones despite the u. when raising concerns about the legality of the use of drones washington is setting up new bases around the globe. even though drones are this administration's weapon of choice ghana's them president obama wants to leave some troops on the ground twenty fourteen when they're supposed to be all out in the speech he mentioned on the way to go with the afghan government on that issue and it's going to be a hard bargain because the afghan government risks further steering. their own
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population over foreign military presence especially after incidents like the one. that was reported just hours after the president's speech by nato strike killed ten afghan civilians one could sense a change maybe even your concern as the president on the results of the revolution in the arab world has said that it's quote unquote messy he said the u.s. cannot dictate the course of change in countries like egypt very consciously very briefly question on syria there was a change of tone for those who remember how the u.s. was cheerleading for revolutions in those countries just a year ago with radical forces gaining momentum in places like syria like libya maybe the changes that we've ministrations he's now in the region are not much to their liking among other threats american. when he says the president talked about cyber attacks he said he had issued an executive order to protect government agency
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of the key infrastructure from cyber attacks but it is no question is how the u.s. government itself is carrying out cyber attacks like the reported cyber attack on iran's nuclear program while there is no proof that they're building there's a gross racial said it would bring you a serious cyber attack against the united states as an act of war but apparently when the u.s. carries out the attack it should not be seen as an act of war. north korea is reportedly preparing for more atomic test despite a deep international anger after they detonated a third nuclear bomb on tuesday pyongyang described the move as an effort to show up its national security and safeguard its of and against what it called a great just u.s. hostility the communist state is already laboring under a heavy international sanctions and has been banned from any such activities by the u.n. the country had previously carried out two atomic test and is believed to possess a small stuff of nuclear warheads the u.n. security council unanimously condemned north korea's action and pledged to beef up
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sanctions against it asia base independent news editor james covered says the timing of the test raises many questions. a lot of sanctions that could be applied or are already being applied so it's really i think going to fall into a lot of diplomatic pressure on china to use its leverage with north koreans and i imagine that officials in beijing must have known that this this was coming probably in the next few days and it certainly is it couldn't have happened at a worse time internationally speaking it's the lunar new year in china so basically the entire country is on holiday and in the u.s. so you there is no confirmed secretary of defense or central intelligence director so it's a very interesting time throw that through into that the wild card of xi jinping we don't know much about him or how he's going to lead china and the fact that kim jong un is a relatively new leader as well you also have the. you are big government in japan and there's a lot of wild cards in this mix to see how this is going to shake out but i think
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on the question of china specifically i think it does have the most leverage over north korea at this point and certainly a lot of aid and in support comes from china so i think they have a lot of pressure that they can put on north korea at this point there's no light at the end of the tunnel for greece as new figures show unemployment up to was thirteen. people are being forced to find new ways to fend for themselves. chaos and confusion that's how some libyan activists pain the situation in the north african state two years after it was first thing gulped bloody revolution foreign backed rebels eventually achieve their goals of toppling the longtime leader colonel gadhafi but why other bell sophia voices hailing the demise of a dictator is a missile now he has been finding a. from hard i think has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave the shoot at their feet it's impossible to imagine
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a future for libya with gadhafi still in power he must go. well gadhafi is long gone and we don't need to imagine but can take a close look the revolt which began in benghazi was followed by an eight month nato bombing campaign costing thousands of lives and left libya torn apart drowning in conflict and suffocating in stagnation still rich in oil libya economically is a mess despite rampant unemployment in an overwhelming housing crisis huge construction projects are on hold and violence reigns if you look at the country before the bombardment and the invasion by nato and nato supported militias. the country now you can clearly see that the country is suffering from the front problems that the not exist before the country's infrastructure has been destroyed and you have militias running. free on the streets attacking
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people killing people and doing whatever they want so yes a lot has changed but not for the better amnesty international describes tribalism post gadhafi as armed militias acting completely out of control hundreds of them across the country arresting people without warrant detaining them incommunicado and torturing them all these points gadhafi was accused of by the rebels and the west now the watchdog says this is happening while the government is unwilling or unable to rein the militias in another problem is the south in december libya closed off its borders without niger chad and sudan citing a deterioration of security and declared the region a military zone well recently a video has emerged of representatives of the south libyan tribes declaring independence for the region the federation of south libya they claim the government
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has failed to secure the inside of the country and borders and this is the result of stalled economic activity and discontinue a. and of essential infrastructure projects that have been driven by international partners well it's still not clear how that news is being taken in tripoli but it can bodes well for any chance of stability and finally who is reaping the fruits of this revolution well some analysts say it's an economic powerhouse putting lots of money into the region that the west just doesn't have while at the same time benefiting from their military efforts it's china the chinese have no boots on the ground they have no more abuse there and they're basically getting a free ride from the military attempts of the west countries like france so two years after the revolution for libya the only certainty is still gadhafi is gone check out our website for more on this story the timeline of the nato backdrop the
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mission in libya and its consequences as well as more expert analysis it's all day . but benedict of the sixteen announced his resignation and a shock move at the start of this week he says the ill health forced him to make the decision becoming the first pope to resign in six hundred yes his papacy has been plagued by scandal mostly notably accusations of a broad cover up of child abuse within the catholic church and the abuse campaign a barbara doris's says the pope didn't do enough to address paedophilia during his eight years in the position. we believe that he really are words he showed there were still from the priesthood he apologized to the victims but he took no action he didn't discipline a single church official for hiding enabling children to predators for you know
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moving them from country to country from dies used to dies so on till he does that nothing has changed and we believe the words were just empty empty promises we have a bishop in the united states that was convicted of child endangerment and is still being allowed to run a diocese the message is clear if you follow the company line if you keep this secret if you put the reputation of the church above this of the children then you will be promoted what a terrible message to send many people no longer trust church officials like they did in the past and that's a very sad statement that you can't trust your bishops. in portugal thousands of people have taken to the streets to voice their anger at fresh austerity measures holding banners and chanting slogans the marchers called on parliament to reverse fierce cuts and put in place to try to reduce the country's huge dead burden the
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union led rally also called on the government to step down over its handling of the crisis despite handouts from brussels the jobless rate is nearing seventeen percent portugal was the third european country to receive a bailout from the e.u. while in greece the first country to get emergency loans to avoid going bankrupt more people are now out of work than at any time since the financial system hit the rocks five years ago a quarter of greeks are now unemployed which is twice the european average every day hundreds of thousands of wall street rely on food handouts simply to get by former center left the greek m.p. eva the says di situation is hitting everyone hard on a personal level. while it seems that it's getting worse not better this is the famous rescue of greece from the european union this is starting to become a humanitarian crisis you see extreme poverty you see people's out they tried to
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get a plate of food from the church we have two hundred fifty thousand people every day trying to get to the church to find food we are talking about the young people that they want to find a job in greece the trying to leave the country we're talking about people that don't have access to primary health services this is something that's not only numbers it's one thousand people human beings in the european union that lose their jobs every day this is creating a human terror crisis inside the euro zone. up next all special reports on whether americans a should stand by they constitutional right to gun ownership following a string of deadly shootings.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture. i never knew how to moon's a person but i was in the same high school as that he was younger than me just a little bit younger. by all.


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